Course Setup

By default an instructor cannot add a new course, however, administrators can modify the system to allow instructors to do so.

A course can display its materials in a number of ways or 'formats', for example in weekly sections or named topic sections. You can show all the sections at once or just reveal one at a time.


Before a learner can access your course, they must first be authenticated on the site and that is the responsibility of the site administrator. There are several enrolment methods available to a teacher, what is available depends on the site administrator.

Once enrolled, instructors can search for participants, send them notifications and initiate private chat sessions all from the Participants tab.

Course Management

Instructors can manage a wide variety of features within a course by selecting the Course Management tool.

Course editing features can be turned on and off to allow instructors to edit a course. Instructors must turn on editing to add course activities, edit titles and change course layouts.

Course progress features can be displayed to inform students of their completion progress in a course.